• Energy and Natural Resources

    Energy and Natural Resources

    Energy and natural resources – the energy and mineral resources industry is one industry that plays a significant role in the development of the district. The prominent industries in the energy and mineral resources industry in Riau District consist of electrical power and mining. Electrical power is an important product for human life currently. Without…

  • The Importance of Reserves and Resources

    The Importance of Reserves and Resources

    The importance of reserves and resources – in mining there are various categories of resources and reserves. This department is split based upon the degree of self-confidence in a mining product which is affected by the accessibility of information. This category affects planning and mining activities. A source is that component of a down payment…

  • Resources

    Definition of Human Resources

    Definition of human resources, human resources (HR) is an extremely important factor that cannot also be separated from a company, both organizations and companies. HR is also the key that determines the development of the company. Essentially, human resources through people that are utilized in a company as moving companies, thinkers and coordinators to accomplish…