5 Tech Trends That Will Boom In 2022

5 Tech Trends That Will Boom In 2022


5 Tech Trends That Will Boom In 2022, management and technology consultancy BearingPoint surveyed nearly 1,000 IT consultants to see which 5 Technology Trends that will Boom In 2022, from AI, Cloud and more.

5 Tech Trends That Will Boom In 2022

The 5 technology trends that will boom in 2022 are :

  • Game Changer
    It is no longer enough that their well-predicted AI system should be fair and easy to explain to clients and regulators. Frameworks and best practices are emerging to meet these requirements for stronger and better AI solutions.
  • Clouds on the edge
    Sovereignty and the need for edge computing are new to CTOs. Cloud adoption has changed IT organization, governance and operating models (FinOps, CloudOps functionality).
    There is a need to meet user needs and resources to meet real-time and real-time needs. Edge computing and cloud sovereign now prioritize extreme cloud centralization.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity nets are a distributed architectural approach to flexible, flexible and reliable cyber control. Distance shifts the focus from protecting the traditional IT perimeter to a more modular approach of policy planning but distributed cybersecurity enforcement
  • Embedded data and analytics
    Companies must define and prioritize actionable use cases and insights and work with a holistic plan. Without such use cases and plans, data analysis would not go far.
  • Sensors and connected machines
    The combination of sensor data and advanced analytics at the edge and cloud will act as a springboard for innovation and predict the future. According to the new BearingPoint benchmark analysis on Resilience, effective use of technology is a key characteristic of resilient companies and organizations.

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