5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management

5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management


5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management, without proper management practices, a company is able to achieve its targets, including human resource management which is a vital thing that cannot be ruled out.

Although we often provide new breakthroughs and visionary images about technology, without the support of managing and improving the quality of human resources, technology is difficult to implement.

5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management is Still Needed in the Age of Technology

5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management

Here are 5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management until now

Creative and initiative

The practice of management or HR management plays an important role, especially in terms of developing employees to reach their full potential. Innovation in the company of creative employees and occurs because of initiatives or breakthroughs in work. Technology cannot be expected to take the initiative. Initiative is one of the characteristics of humans that is applied properly, will increase the competitiveness of the company. Sometimes failure in managing human resources results from potentials that should be developed better in a company.

Long-term mapping to achieve the company’s vision

The company applies human resource management practices for the company’s long-term development goals. The long-term scheme is then broken down into several shorter stages and the right strategy, which still requires the role of human resource management. there are at least five corporate actions related to human resource management, namely:

Potential to develop organization
Organizations develop because the potential of employees in the company is also developed. The more advanced the world in technology, the more superior potentials in humans need to be realized. This is what is analyzed and reviewed by the human resource management team as well as providing an opportunity for every employee to move forward in developing himself.

product/service quality improvement
The increasingly fierce industry and business competition is an important thing that must be monitored by the company. One of the important keys to encourage and open new breakthroughs in terms of the quality of the company’s products/services is to seek input from every employee in every line of business. It is unlikely that quality products with new breakthroughs will be produced without contributions from employees. That is why human resource management is always closely related to product quality.

knowledge production
A conducive work environment helps each employee to support each other and contribute in terms of knowledge and insight. Human resource management, one of which is for the development of a conducive work environment. How to build a work environment that is in harmony between high technology and human touch is the role of human resource management that cannot be underestimated.

Strengthening facilities and infrastructure
Human resource management also aims to optimize the utilization of company facilities and infrastructure. Companies need to understand what are the obstacles for employees in accessing facilities and infrastructure, and what solutions are provided. The development of the right infrastructure is also a response to the evaluation results in the field regarding the implementation of human resource management.

Management evaluation and reform
A good company will always be passionate and carry out work management reforms. A continuous process by taking into account all aspects will lead to a more modern administrative system, which of course requires integration in all aspects. One of the contributions to management evaluation and reform is the management of human resources based on context.

That’s 5 Main Reasons Human Resource Management is Still Needed in the Age of Technology

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